some TLC FOR YOUR music


I began mastering my own tracks from producing music for the last 20 years. I’ve always had a fascination for the mastering process, and have been meticulously honing my abilities through trial and error.

In late 2019 I decided to invest in the online mastering course by Streaky Gee, one of the best mastering engineers in the industry, and have struck up a great working relationship with him, and many of the mastering engineers who frequent his facebook group. As the course is ongoing and constantly updated with new information, techniques and facebook FAQ’s by Streaky himself, I can guarantee that I can offer a service that will greatly benefit your music.

I’ve been slowly investing in the best equipment for my studio that my budget allows, and can now master any track with confidence.

I primarily master electronic music such as Trance, Techno, House, D&B and EDM, but recently was approached by an indie band to master their albums, so I am very flexible in the genres I can work with. I’ve also mastered my own orchestral music, so the there really is no limit on what I can work on!

Please head on over to my portfolio where you can hear examples of my work. Also check out the FAQ page for any questions, or get in touch using the contact form on the services page, and check out some testimonials here 🙂


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