Here are some testimonials of clients who I’m grateful have taken the time to write of their experience with me as their mastering engineer!

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Joking Apart – 

“My name is David Hasler and I am one half of Joking Apart. We recently produced our first complete album, Strange Shapes and Earthquakes, in our home studio. Our music is a mixture of MIDI and live audio (guitars, bass and vocals) and whilst we were happy with the initial recording, we knew that we didn’t have the experience to master it ourselves.

After much research on the internet we got in touch with Chris Adams at HardWire Mastering. Chris was very patient and understanding and grasped what we were trying to achieve immediately. Within hours of receiving the tracks Chris was referring to the songs by name and discussing the finer details of all the sounds used.

He is excellent at (politely) suggesting improvements to the mix before mastering begins and has a great ear for what is going to work. Embarrassingly for us he also spotted mistakes in our recording (missing beats, wrong notes and those dreaded pops and crackles) which we should have picked up ourselves before signing off the album.

In other words, Chris doesn’t just apply the same process to every piece of music he masters. He genuinely becomes an extra member of your band with as much love and passion for your sound as you have and will treat your music as the most important thing in the world and doesn’t stop until it is 100% right. His attention to detail is second to none and he will hear things in your mix even you didn’t know where there!

We knew our music would come back punchy and loud but we had read all sorts of horror stories about how the overuse of compression would destroy any feeling of dynamics in our songs. Well, we needn’t have worried – our songs retain all the nuances that we worked so hard to create in the first place.

Another area of concern for us was the vocals. But again, any fears were soon allayed. The vocals sound louder, stronger and cleaner than we ever imagined without any of those horrible ‘s’ and ‘t’ sounds!

In summary, Chris’s mastering has turned a home produced album with eleven disparate songs into a professional sounding, coherent album that stands proud alongside other music on the radio or internet or on CD. When I sent the album to a song-writing friend of mine he honestly thought it was a professional CD of a new band that I was introducing him to. Other friends and family who have no understanding of the recording process just think is sounds ‘like a proper record!’

At the time of writing Joking Apart are finishing our second album, Blind Man’s Buff. It goes without saying that we have already engaged Chris to do the mastering. (Hopefully he won’t spot any errors with this one!)”

Camel Lee – 

“Overall I am a very satisfied customer. From the outset I was made to feel comfortable and got a real sense that the person I was communicating with knew what they were doing and would take care of the thing I had made. The steps of sending and receiving back my master was fully explained to me and I got it back on the same day.

The master I received back was of a high quality and I can hear that it was worked on to bring the best out of it. The master was clear and warm and in the same vein as the genre reference I had submitted. It was clear and bright but retained the hard hit that I had made it with. As an artist I feel like my music that I had put time into was handled with care.” 

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